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Mashed Potatoes on Ideal Protein?

What?!?  Could it be?  Well, no, but I have the perfect alternative for you.  The easy answer is the Ideal Protein Potato Puree (which I love, by the way.)  But there is yet another easy and truly amazing option: Cauliflower! Wait, don’t close the page.  This is really good and surprisingly not cauliflowery at all.  […]

How to Survive an Ideal Protein Thanksgiving

This time of year is the hardest to maintain healthy eating.  Temptations are everywhere, and stress can be high.  One thing I try to make very clear when helping clients achieve their goals is that cheating will sabotage that whole process… bottom line.  I bet you could interview every Ideal Protein Weight Loss Coach in […]

Indian-Spiced Roasted Cauliflower

If food can teach us one thing, it’s that looks aren’t everything.  A while back I was lured into buying a beautiful purple cauliflower.  The final product tasted delicious, but visually it was a disaster.   Incidentally my roasted cauliflower recipes often involve some turmeric, and the bright yellow tint of turmeric does not go well […]

Fresh Broccoli and Green Bean Saute

The 4 cups of veggies that are required per day on Ideal Protein are surprisingly a lot of veggies– in a good way.  It’s probably safe to say that most people don’t usually get that many vegetables in a day.  If we know they are so good in so many ways, why not learn to […]

Zucchini Pasta Primavera

What’s your biggest carb craving? Hands down, my favorite carb is pasta.  And I guess potatoes… and bread too.  Oh geez, I know I’m not alone when I admit I love them all.  But I better focus here. Back to the pasta thing… this is why I’m a huge fan of the Miracle Noodle.  There […]

Chorizo-ish Hash Tacos

If you know me well, there’s one thing you know about me: I love tacos. But I don’t love to cook tacos at home because I find them to be BOR-ING! That is until I found a taco recipe that has since become a staple in my house.  Trust me, these are special.   And there […]

Miraculous Bruschetta Fettuccini

I forgot how good a tomato can be. For years my childhood memories of sweet, juicy summertime tomatoes have felt so distant.  I pretty much gave up on them.  What happened to that tomato that you could eat and savor plain?  Were store-bought tomatoes always as bland as they are now? For a moment my […]

And the Winner is…

The results are in for our digital food scale contest!  The folks over at SlimKicker checked out the entries, and they have chosen their favorite fun, creative challenge. And the winner is… Teresa! They loved her idea of having a Delayed Gratification Challenge, and I agree it’s a great habit to start.  Here is the […]

No Seriously, Who Wants Free Stuff?

I recently came across a post on a blog called Anelephantcant that I found refreshing.  In this post, he described that his previous post didn’t get very many likes or comments from his readers.  What bothered him most was that he thought it was the best title he’s ever come up with… and nobody appreciated […]

Who Wants Free Stuff?

Alright, so this isn’t just about free stuff.  Free stuff is always fun, but there’s nothing like winning free stuff.  And, there’s nothing like winning free awesome stuff.  Well, it’s your lucky day because I’m giving one of my readers the chance to enjoy the thrill of winning. What’s the prize? This Ozeri Touch Professional […]