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Let Food be Your Medicine

A few weeks ago I went to a continuing education seminar for Ideal Protein, and I was blown away even more than I already am by what we do as a group.  We had the opportunity to meet the brains behind the method and catch up with other clinics in the region.  One of the […]

What’s Wrong With Our Fight Against Obesity?

I recently read a great article about why the fight against obesity is not working in the US.  It’s a commentary on the new documentary on HBO titled “The Weight of the Nation.”  Since author Gary Taubes says it so eloquently, I’ll just refer you to his article.  I don’t know the details of the […]

Diabetes: Change Your Diet or Take a Shot?

Paula Deen has recently “come out of the closet” about having Type 2 Diabetes.  She was diagnosed 3 years ago and has attempted to keep it private until now.  Conveniently, she is also the new spokeswoman for the company who manufactures her diabetes medication.  It’s apparent that having diabetes could be a stigma for her […]