And the Winner is…

The results are in for our digital food scale contest!  The folks over at SlimKicker checked out the entries, and they have chosen their favorite fun, creative challenge.

And the winner is…


They loved her idea of having a Delayed Gratification Challenge, and I agree it’s a great habit to start.  Here is the description of the challenge if any of you want to try it yourself:

How about starting a “delayed gratification” habit? There’s a guy at work who brings in gourmet cupcakes every week. I told him to make mini ones for me but darn it all, he did that and I still would eat several! So I started putting them in freezer bags and am storing them in the freezer!

Congratulations to you, Teresa!  And many thanks to those who shared some great ideas.  If you haven’t seen some of the ideas yet, go check them out.  You might just be inspired to take on a healthy challenge.


2 comments on “And the Winner is…

  1. Yay for Theresa!!! And if you, Lola, were worried about how I felt about losing, well I just bought my own darn scale. So… this is really not getting me down like I thought it would.
    Super serially though, this was such a cool idea. I think that I’m going to offer free stuff to absolutely everybody who comments… comments and follows my blog. Like, a dollar, or a nickel or something. Of course, knowing the FP god’s poor taste, that would be my first post to get pressed and it would cost too much. Well, I’ll think of something.
    Clearly, I’ve just stopped by to take up your valuable comment space. I mean, I’m obviously not here after any prizes, seeins how their all gone now.


    Alright, I’m done now. I’m done.

    Did “super serial” make sense? If not, you should google it.

    • ManBearPig. I did have to look it up, but I love it! Yeah, they’d love a post like that. Have you seen the recent posts that highlight why something gets picked for FP? It’s somewhat of a lottery. I still always think about your FP post. Wonder why they didn’t pick that? Thanks for taking up my comment space. It makes me feel popular.

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