No Seriously, Who Wants Free Stuff?

I recently came across a post on a blog called Anelephantcant that I found refreshing.  In this post, he described that his previous post didn’t get very many likes or comments from his readers.  What bothered him most was that he thought it was the best title he’s ever come up with… and nobody appreciated it.  I loved the humor and honesty of this post, and it inspired me to do the same.  Alright, so my approach might be a little more desperate than his, but I’m working on a deadline here.

I thought the offer of free stuff would get somebody’s attention?

The contest I posted in my last post received a few entries, but for the hundreds of people who have viewed my last post, only 10 entered my contest!  Not only that, but I know many of you are Ideal Protein peeps because my stats show that most of the views of my blog are from people searching for Ideal Protein recipes.  And I know you need a nice food scale, right?

Was it my title?

Is it me?

Don’t you want a free brand new digital food scale?

Are you worried I’ll somehow get your private information and send you junk mail all the time?  (Which by the way, I would NEVER waste my time doing, puh-lease!)

So you have 1 more day to enter, and it’s easy.  And hey, odds are pretty good right now that you could win because there aren’t many entries.

Go to this page (and hopefully read it.)  Then enter a comment giving an idea of a fun and creative diet or fitness/exercise challenge that you would do for 1 week.  You don’t have to actually do the challenge, but you might inspire someone else to do it or come up with their own.

Seriously, don’t make me beg.


7 comments on “No Seriously, Who Wants Free Stuff?

  1. Thank you for the plug but, sadly, AnElephantCant go on a diet!
    Unless you have one that only involves peanuts?

    • I don’t know… would you ever switch to almonds? It’s funny, I was planning on using your post as an example for this blog post, and then I woke up to your award nomination on my other blog. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  2. AnElephantCant resist flattery, so he is over the parrot that you use him as an example. And if that thanks is a bunch of bananas, well, maybe ….
    But he has to take care with his diet because:
    Big hugs

  3. I love this post and have experienced the same thing! I held a giveaway a while ago for a giftcard and got a pitiful number of responses. Who doesn’t want free stuff?!

    • Why do I feel validated hearing you had the same experience? I remember that giveaway– I entered it. I entered pretty early on, so I never went to check and see how many people entered. I just assumed you had a bunch of peeps because, like you said, who doesn’t want free stuff?

  4. Lol! I love it. I always feel this way! Last Christmas, I posted a seasonal poem that I thought was brilliant. But I think that like two other readers agreed. In fact, all of my personal favorites on my blog, including the post about going to jail, have been complete flops.
    Well, I may be too late for the scale (I really wanted that!), but at least I’m back again to support your desperate antics any way I can.

    • I know! I remember both of those posts, and thought they were both great, by the way. I actually checked to see if I commented before pointing that out. Maybe me saying your poem reminded me of the South Park Mr Hanky episode wasn’t quit the response you were looking for. HAHAHAHA! I tend to avoid the serious religious topics if I don’t know someone, so that was an avoidance tactic. But yeah, it’s funny how disappointed or desperate we can become in this silly blogging world of ours. Only other bloggers would understand this. 😉

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