What’s Wrong With Our Fight Against Obesity?

I recently read a great article about why the fight against obesity is not working in the US.  It’s a commentary on the new documentary on HBO titled “The Weight of the Nation.”  Since author Gary Taubes says it so eloquently, I’ll just refer you to his article.  I don’t know the details of the documentary, but I do know that the information in his article is right on.  He talks about why it’s not as simple as calories in = calories out and that the real answer to weight loss isn’t about exercise, but more about what we are eating.  He talks about sugar and insulin, and… well, let me just get to it.  Here is the article called Why the Campaign to Stop America’s Obesity Crisis Keeps Failing.

What do you think?


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5 comments on “What’s Wrong With Our Fight Against Obesity?

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  2. Did you get a chance to read the post that recently came across the FP page titled, “I’m Pissed About What We Eat in America”? Not only was the post nothing more than enraged health nut reactionary pablum, but the guy’s single comment in reply to another comment reminds me of a typical Nazi health sucker ass clown.
    There are over five-hundred comments to his post, and most of them are people who like potato chips railing against people who would rather eat firewood than stoop to sweetening their iced tea… and vice versa.
    It amazes me sometimes what people are willing to become militant over.
    Anyway, great post from Gary Taubes.

    • Whoa! Thanks for sharing that post with me. It reminds me of the dentist post I wrote: one of the first people to comment makes an insult to the author, and then the comments become about him as much as about the content post. I have to say… I had a good laugh over it. 😀 I try not to take any of this too seriously.

      It is amazing that people get so militant over this, but it is one of the biggest health and financial problems our country faces today. I think to find a “solution” that doesn’t fit the individual isn’t a good answer. Yet at some point people do have to stop making excuses. The beauty/curse of hiding behind a fairly anonymous persona on a computer screen is that we feel free to say what we really think. The “militant” types can be called out for being self-righteous, and those that constantly make excuses for not getting healthy or loving themselves enough to care for their own (and children’s) health as much as they’d care for their car can also be called out. Sometimes I wonder if we should be having more frank conversations about these things in person.

      I happen to be passionate about it myself, but it also has become my livelihood. It sounds like you and I read the post differently. To me his commentary was more on the food manufacturers and the media manipulating society. Yes, he points to the people and puts the responsibility on us for making our own choices about what we eat. But in the end, we have to be our own advocates.

      I’m reading a book called Why Calories Count (a bit boring, but some good info too,) and they point out that our food problem is political. It makes sense too. If the government tells people we shouldn’t eat certain foods, it hurts those businesses. Then the economy suffers. Instead, they tell us to exercise (which I agree is PART of the problem,) but we can continue to eat all the crap. The problem is that this is not the complete answer. So we continue being misinformed and getting fatter as a nation. I was at my gym the other day, and in the lobby they sell Red Bull and Odwalla juices!!! The disconnect is that we are made to believe that Odwalla is very healthy, which I do think the ingredients are healthy. The problem is that each drink has around 40 g of sugar!! Ok, I’ll have to stop here. You’ve inspired a new post– hopefully one that is informative and not preachy. (But then those posts never get anyone’s attention, do they? Ha! 😉

      As always, I appreciate your comments! You always get me thinking. Glad you liked the Taubes article. You haven’t written in a while. You taking a break?

  3. Yeah, I am taking a break. Not that I don’t have plenty on my mind to write about; I’m just lacking the time.
    Around two months ago, I got a promotion at work. When I first started with this company, I had lost my job due to lack of funding, layoffs, evil Satanish lady boss, etc.
    Anyway, I went to work as a grunt with this company just to pay the bills and get by: and now, two promotions later, I work directly under the president.
    The down side is that this has meant nonstop meetings all over the country, and no time to write. Even worse is that I’ve had little time to even read!
    I love it though. I really do. 🙂

    • Glad to hear things are going well for you. Just goes to show that when you show up and do your work, it can payoff in the end. I definitely miss your blog posts, but I totally get it. 😉

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