Non-Chicken Wings Non-Recipe

Do you ever have those days that just feel chaotic?

Nothing’s going right at work, your back hurts from all the stress, and the craziness of your day gets you home late.  You rush in the door with no time to make anything good for dinner.  Even the Jamaican Jerk Chicken recipe will take too long.  You’re tired and hungry, and you need to eat NOW!

How about some chicken wings?  Or maybe a healthier version?

Non-Chicken Wings Non-Recipe

This is so easy, that it’s not really even a recipe… and it tastes great too!

Sprinkle some sea salt followed by Tabasco Buffalo Style Hot Sauce on boneless, skinless chicken (strips work best.)  It doesn’t even need to marinate.  Throw it on the grill (7-9 minutes per side or until cooked through) or in the oven (400 degrees for 20 minutes or until cooked through,) and before you know it, they’ll be ready to go!  I also do this with Tapatio or Cholula hot sauce, and it’s good every time.

There are other hot sauces out there, and many will work.  Just remember to check your labels.  It is only an Ideal Protein Phase 1, 2, or 3 dinner if the sauce has 0 carbs, 0 sugar, and 0 fat.

After a hectic day, you deserve to eat something healthy and yummy!

5 comments on “Non-Chicken Wings Non-Recipe

  1. Love quick easy and healthy…Thank you for the great dinner idea

  2. This looks really good. Of course I”m really hungry, but certainly that couldn’t be influencing my opinion 😉

    I’ll say, too, that this camera must’ve been just what you needed. That 50mm creates some nice bokeh! 🙂

    • Thanks, dink! It is good, and really healthy. The photos are immediately so much better with the new camera. I am still trying to learn a lot of the basics, but the immediate improvement is inspiring. Love the 50 mm and my new found bokeh. I had to look that word up 😉 Hopefully I will master the skill as you have!

  3. […] However… this recipe is my very own.  In fact, it’s so easy, it’s almost a non-recipe.  Now that’s my idea of a great weeknight […]

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