Product Spotlight: Miracle Noodle

One of the great things about the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol is that it targets weight loss at the source of the problem: insulin resistance.  Insulin has 2 roles in the body.  The first is to lower blood sugar levels.  When a person eats, the sugar level in the blood rises, and the pancreas secretes insulin to lower those blood levels and keep them regulated.  The second role of insulin is to store fat.  When people are insulin resistant, one of the outcomes is that their bodies secrete too much insulin.  The excess insulin either results in lowering blood sugar too much (which leads to more hunger,) and/or it causes fat to be stored.  Insulin also prevents fat from breaking down.

When someone follows the Ideal Protein protocol the main benefit is to “give his/her pancreas a rest.”  An analogy is it’s like an overheated engine.  What do we do when our car overheats?  We turn off the engine and let it cool down.  This is the same principle.  In order to allow the overheated pancreas cool down, we restrict the carbohydrates to minimally necessary levels.  We also maintain the minimum daily recommended amount of protein while we reduce fat along with the carbohydrates.  Remember, this is not a hyper-protein diet.

What do I hear the most from my patients?

“I miss my carbs.  I miss my pasta.  I miss my bread.”

Check out this product called Miracle Noodle.  These gluten free noodles have been eaten in Asia for over 2 thousand years.  They are made from soluble plant fiber, so they have zero fat, zero sugar, and zero carbs.  Hence, they are allowed on the Ideal Protein Diet.  And the good news… they are coming soon to our office.  So if you are missing your noodles, we will now have a great substitute for you!

11 comments on “Product Spotlight: Miracle Noodle

  1. Just ate these noodles on Saturday with a homemade peanut sauce. Tasted like the cold sesame noodles I uses to eat and miss! Thanks for the post.

  2. thanks just tried and were good!

  3. […] few weeks ago I was so elated to discover the Miracle Noodle that I couldn’t wait to cook up something to go with them!  Those of you who came to see me […]

  4. Totally psyched to give these a try! Saw your use of them in the Red Curry recipe.

  5. […] with steamed snow peas, bok choy, broccoli, or the vegetables of your choice along with 3 oz of Miracle Noodles.  These meatballs are packed with flavor on their own.  Add soy sauce, hot sauce, or hot mustard […]

  6. […] This recipe would be great with Miracle Noodles! […]

  7. […] we have the perfect Ideal Protein meatloaf… featuring Miracle Rice!  This might be my favorite use for the Miracle Noodle products.  I loved […]

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