McDonalds: It’s Not Just About the Fat

Last week the Daily Mail featured a mind-boggling story about Stacey, a 17-year old girl, who eats ONLY Chicken McNuggets and McDonald’s french fries.  Ever since her mother introduced her to this food at the age of 2, she has been addicted.  The article points out that while she has been told this diet is bad for her, she will not change.  Well, she just collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.  This may just be the wake-up call this 17-year-old girl needs.

The article notes that despite the quantity and quality of food she is eating, she still remains thin.  She is 17, after all.  We all suspect that this will not remain the case if she continues to eat this way into her adult life– if she even makes it there.  What I see here are 2 things:

1) Fast food is unhealthy.  Regardless of whether we become overweight from it or not (which most people do,) it is just not healthy.  Three meals of this food a day provide this young lady with 1/3 times more fat and double the salt that is recommended daily.

2) She is very malnourished.  Without balance in her diet, there is no way she is getting all of the nutrients she needs.

This reminds me of a book titled “Change or Die.”  I haven’t read it yet, but a friend recommended it to me.  In it, the author asks if people would actually make the changes they need if their lives were at stake.  It turns out, many people don’t change when faced with this decision.  They actually would choose to die.  It seems Stacey might just fall into this category.  Let’s hope for her sake that she starts to listen to her body, and makes a change for life.

How about you?  Would you rather change or die?

6 comments on “McDonalds: It’s Not Just About the Fat

  1. I changed, and went sugar-free, when I realized it was affecting my health to the point where I was sick. I have never had very strong will-power before, but man… it’s your freaking health! That said, as with many things is life, you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. That works the other way around, too – you don’t know you have [insert undiagnosed lifelong chronic illness] until it’s gone!

    • Very true, Julie! Amazing that you’ve done so well cutting out sugar. As you’ve pointed out to me, it is SO BAD for you– and so addictive! You are a strong woman and a great model for us all.

      I love your last comment too. I had some GI problems for so many years and didn’t really notice that I had them. I cut out certain foods and didn’t realize they went away because I was so unaware. It wasn’t until I re-introduced some things that I notice how much I had been suffering!

  2. Wow. I hope that this girl doesn’t try to blame McDonalds for this occurrence.
    I’m sure that there is no reason to suspect that she will, and I’m not speculating. It’s just that we’ve seen the blame card played so much lately, I think we’re all a little sick of it. It’s kind of like the guy from “Supersize Me” eating only McDonalds’ food for a month, or what have you. We saw him eat until he puked time and time again, and then blame the chain for his poor health. McDonalds has never encouraged anyone to exclusively eat their food and it has never encouraged anyone to eat until they vomit.
    I think I should do this with Blue Bell ice cream and see if I can gain as much attention.

    I wondered what you’ve been up to. Way to start a new blog. Hope it goes well. I noticed that the other blog was pretty focused on Dentistry, thus I’m happy to get to read more of what you have to say on other subjects.

    No time to proof read this… I’m hitting “post” and hoping for the best 🙂

    • Hi dink! Thanks for stopping by my new blog! Yeah, I can’t stand when people try to blame others for their own actions. I think you touched on that in your last post 😀 Taking responsibility for ourselves is so empowering. I remember that Mort Spurlock guy– I thought it was a fascinating movie to see what happened to his health. Why anyone would do that amazes me. This situation with this girl is really scary. I might be a bit more extreme about fast food than you are, but I think most people eat way too much of it. Did you see the pictures circulating on Facebook that showed what goes into the Chicken Mcnuggets? It looked like bright pink Soft serve ice cream, and it was supposedly all the chicken parts ground up. Ewww! You should try that with the ice cream– I bet you’d find a way to entertain as well as he did.

      Thanks for checking in. I did go to a more dentistry focused blog for a while as it sort of fits with my transition out, and a lot of people emailed me saying they were curious to know how I made the change. Apparently there are a few dentists out there that want out 😉 I’m sure for a while I will bore the non-dental-geeks, but I’m sure someday I will return to the travel theme again. At least I get to do the food thing here.

      You proofread your comments??? Oh wait, so do I!

  3. Boy oh boy, thanks for including the book Change or Die in your post. Just finished it. Raced through it speedy quick it was so full of good stuff. And I found that his prescription for successfully tackling a problem perfectly described what took place in those instances where I have experienced real, lasting change. (I was lucky and stumbled into the right people and opportunities.) I think you’ll really enjoy it and will be able to use it in helping others make their changes. Again, thanks a bunch.

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